Stage 2 Views

Please note the consultation period has expired and the following is shown for information purposes only.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken part

All views received were presented to the Forum at the meeting on 23rd January 2013.  A large number of very useful comments were received via the on-line questionnaire and via hard copy replies.  A very big thank you was given to everyone who responded.  A copy of the response received is available to view later below under ‘How were views given ?’ and on the ‘Downloads’ page.

Why were views requested ?

As the next stage, we wished to have the views of our community on the proposed Aims & Objectives and emerging Proposals for two key parts of Paignton.   The response received was used to help our volunteers to complete the draft Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of Paignton.

The two key areas are shown on the following wallcharts:

How were views given ?

After looking at the above wallcharts, views were sent to us by either completing an on-line electronic questionnaire, or by printing out the paper version below and sending it to the Freepost address given on the first page of the questionnaire (no stamp needed).  A copy of the Questionnaire and Initial Analysis of Results Received can be viewed below:

When was the closing date ?

Questionnaires (either electronically above, or by returning printed copy in the post) were required to be returned by 24th December 2012.

Further Information

With the help of the Prince’s Foundation, Public Meetings were held at Paignton Library & Information Centre on 12th November 2012, and at Collaton St Mary Parish Hall on 13th November 2012.  Further details and a location map can be found on the ‘Calendar’ page. Volunteers were also available to attend meetings to explain the proposals so far produced and a number of displays were arranged during the 6 week period.

In March 2013, all 5 Community Partnerships in Paignton offered to carry out further consultations with our local community during the summer months.  The results and combined inputs were presented to the Forum by each Partnership in September 2013.  This increased the overall number of responses received.  The views expressed by our community were very similar to those obtained from the Stage 2 Questionnaire.

So what happens next ?   Volunteers have started work on Stage 3 which involves drawing together all community views received and the evidence to support a Draft of the Plan for the whole area.

The views provided by our community at Stage 1 can be found on the ‘Stage 1 SWOTs’ page above.

How do I get involved or find out more?

If you would like any further information, please contact:
Mike Parkes (Tel: 01803 469185) or David Watts (Tel: 01803 523434)
or email: