Our story so far

17th September 2011:   Volunteers from all 16 Community Partnerships accepted the request by Torbay Council to set up a Neighbourhood Forum to lead preparation of new style Neighbourhood Plans – one for each of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay.   Once agreed, each to form part of the Development Plan forTorbay and be a key factor in making development decisions over the next 20 years.

15th October 2011:   Volunteer local residents and Councillors from all five Community Partnership areas in Paignton met and agreed to establish the Forum for Paignton.   The meeting elected local residents David Watts as Chairman, Dean Auton as Vice Chairman, and Mike Parkes as Secretary.

10th November 2011:  Terms of Reference and Outline Project Plan produced by the community volunteers, agreed, and sent to the government for financial help under the ‘Front Runner’ initiative to assist our production of the Neighbourhood Plan.   While waiting for the outcome, work commenced on Stage 1 of the Project Plan.  The Forum has adopted the approach of “Keep it simple” “Get on with it” and “Community Led”.

15th December 2011:  First meeting of the Reference Group formed between all 3 Plan areas so that mutual progress and cross boundary issues can be tackled early.

19th January 2012:  Based on first community assessment results of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs), three Sub-Groups are formed to look more closely at – Town Centre & Seafront, Outer Area, Community Engagement.

23rd February 2012:  ‘Facts about Paignton’ considered by the Forum covering Population, the Economy, Housing and Shopping.  Concern raised about apparent differences in projected growth assumptions.  Agreement reached unanimously that ‘balanced’ development must be the way forward.

5th, 6th & 8th March 2012: Stage 1 workshop sessions held with Princes Foundation.

22nd March 2012:  A resource of £23,000 established.  Election by the Forum of volunteer resident Eileen Donovan as Forum Treasurer.

22nd March 2012: Our sponsored website goes ‘live’.

19th April 2012:  Eight Stage 1 SWOT assessments completed from different areas of our community and agreement reached to start Stage 2 (formation of Aims, Objectives and development of Proposals).

3rd May 2012:   Applications made for Neighbourhood Area & Forum designation under the Regulations issued by central government.   Council officer suggestions incorporated into the submitted Consitution.

24th May 2012:  Amended Constitution agreed by the Forum and approval given to budget management arrangements.   Decision taken that Victoria Park is appropriate for protection, and is not appropriate for inclusion in Stage 2 as an option for supermarket development.

12th June 2012: Stage 2 workshop held with Princes Foundation – concenrating on the two key locations of the town centre and western area.

18th June 2012:  All 11 Stage 1 SWOTS completed and uploaded onto the Forum website.

21st June 2012:  Forum decide to extend the period for receipt of any further SWOTs to 1st August 2012 as twice the number orginally anticipated have been received, with more in prospect.

15th July 2012:  Census results for 2011 published by Office of National Statistics (ONS).  Population for Torbay was 131,100 confirming the Forum view that previous projections of increase to 2026 need to be reviewed.

19th July 2012:  Forum receive draft Executive Summary of the new Local Plan for comment, with the rest to follow.  Agreed the ‘Headline’ proposals need to be tested as required by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and in Forum discussion in August.

26th July 2012:  Council publish in the local press our Applications for Neighbourhood Area & Forum designation under the Regulations issued by central government.

10th August 2012:  First meeting as a Forum with a major developer – to discuss pre-application proposals for 200 homes and a local centre at Collaton St. Mary, Paignton.     View expressed that such a proposal would be a departure from the existing Local Plan, and premature in respect of the emerging Plans.

23rd August 2012:  Forum adopt recommendations of Princes Foundation flowing from Workshop on 12th June 2012.   Draft proposals & questionnaire for Town Centre & Seafront submitted for Forum consideration.  Transfer of £1,500 from Council into Forum Bank Account

20th September 2012:  Forum object to planning application for nearly 200 homes at Collaton St Mary – a ‘departure’ from the Local Plan.   Town Centre & Seafront proposals approved for Stage 2 community views – to go with Western Area proposals being finalised for Forum decision.  Further help from Princess Foundation on preparing the Neighbourhood Plan agreed in principle.

28th September 2012:  Council publish draft Local Plan for Torbay to 2032 and beyond for 6 week consultation period to 9th November 2012.

10th October 2012: Forum objection submitted to planning application for nearly 200 homes at Collaton St Mary.

31st October 2012: Forum response to draft Local Plan for Torbay submitted containing 25 objections 31 comments in support and 2 important observations.

9th November 2012:  On-Line Questionnaire goes ‘live’ for Stage 2 community engagement on the two key areas starting 12th November for 6 weeks until 24th December 2012.

12th,13th,14th,15th November 2012:  Public Meetings and Workshop event held on Stage 2 issues in the two key areas,  facilitated by the Prince’s Foundation.

22nd November 2012: Alan Hill elected as Vice Chairman by the Forum following the resignation of Dean Auton on moving to another part of the country.  Forum start Stage 3 (preparing the draft Plan for the whole of Paignton that incorporates the two key areas of Stage 2).

6th December 2012:  Approval by Torbay Council of the Applications made for Neighbourhood Area & Forum designation under the Regulations issued by central government.

23rd January 2013:  Stage 2 Community Engagement Questionnaire results and Prince’s Foundation recommendations presented to the Forum.

12th February 2013:  Special meeting of the Steering Group held to consider how best to take Stage 3 forward (drafting the final Plan and supporting documents).

27th February 2013:  Instead of forming a Stage 3 drafting group from all parts of the Plan area, the Forum accepted the offer made that each of the 5 Community Partnership will draft the Stage 3 plan for their part of the area for Forum approval and the Steering Group will manage the process through bi-monthly meetings. The Forum will continue to meet monthly to receive progress reports and make decisions as necessary.

18th March 2013: Steering Group meet and recommend a target date of 1st September 2013 for a first draft of the Stage 3 Plan.

27th March 2013: Forum adopt Skeleton Draft 2 to help the Steering Group and 5 Community Partnerships prepare the draft Plan.  The Skeleton updates the structure and content previously recommended by the Prince’s Foundation and agreed by the Forum to include community views received in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

9th April 2013:  Office of National Statistics (ONS) publish a projected growth of 4,400 households in Torbay from 2011 to 2021.  This continues the downward trend of previous ONS projections.

15th May 2013:  Torbay Council decide to reduce the proposed 20 year Local Plan provision from 15,000 downward to 5-6,000 additional jobs, but retain the proposed number of additional homes at 8-10,000 subject to review in 5 years.

13th June 2013:  Forum receive the offer of £7,000 grant assistance from ‘Locality’ to help fund production of the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents.  Forum agree a Budget Plan and arrangements for approving any variations that may arise.

9th July 2013:  Steering Group receive results of community partnership consultation events in Paignton Town Centre and Preston areas and decide to hold an extra meeting in August 2013 to help speed up preparation of the draft plan.

18th July 2013:  Forum agree update of ‘Facts about Paignton’ and an Outline Project Management Plan to guide Stage 3 preparation of the Draft Plan and required supporting documents.   Forum receive offer of professional help via ‘Locality’ to progress these.

15th August 2013:  Forum decide to return to joint Forum & Steering Group meetings as the Steering Group on 7th August was not quorate; the timetable for receiving Community Partnership input has arrived; and to achieve a more inclusive involvement.

19th September 2013:  Forum & Steering Group receive and discuss the inputs from the Community Partnerships.  Decision taken to update the Skeleton Draft Plan as the next step, using the Editorial Sub-Group of volunteers as previously planned.

9th November 2013:  Forum Volunteers receive training on document requirements from the RTPI Planning Aid – funded by the Government.  This focused on the Basic Conditions requirement and how to draft policies.

21st November 2013:  Form gives initial consideration to a Draft Aim & Objectives Diagram for the Neighbourhood Plan overall.

19th December 2013: Forum support for just over 3,400 additional housing sites without needing to use additional greenfield land.   Skeleton Draft Plan updated and endorsed as the next step.

23rd January 2014: Skeleton Draft of the Proposals Map approved by the Forum to go with the Town Centre Inset Plan approved by the Forum in Stage 2.

27 March 2014: Forum agree response to the proposed Torbay Local Plan in a 28 page submission of conclusions reached.  Many Policies supported, but with changes proposed to ensure the Plan is ‘sound’ as required by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

24 April 2014: Initial feedback to the Forum from consultants Stride Treglown appointed by Torbay Council to produce Masterplans for parts of the Town Centre and Collaton St Mary to add detail on how these areas might evolve.

29 May 2014:  Forum note that the 25 year population projections for Torbay published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on 29 May 2014 continue to be revised downwards as anticipated.

26 June 2014: A summary ‘To do’ list agreed to guide completion of the Neighbourhood Plan documents being prepared by Forum volunteers.

31 July 2014:  Torbay Council submit the proposed Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for approval to proceed to Examination in public together with representations from Paignton Neighbourhood Forum that show why the Plan needs to be amended before it is adopted.

19 August 2014: Appeal by developer to build on land at Collaton St Mary withdrawn.

28 August 2014: Forum approves Skeleton Draft 4 of the Neighbourhood Plan to update background paragraphs before concentrating on draft policy and proposal components.

25 September 2014: Forum approves Skeleton Draft 5 of the Neighbourhood Plan, and an outline assessment of the contribution made by the proposed policies to achieving sustainable development objectives in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

23 October 2014: Forum approves Skeleton Draft 6 of the Neighourhood Plan, containing the first draft of policy wording for those relating to all parts of the Neighbourhood Plan area, the Town Centre and Seafront, and to the Western Area, plus a Design Guide as Annex 1 to Policy PNP1.

18 November 2014: Examination in Public of the draft Torbay Local Plan commenced by the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.  Forum invited to participate in the issues considered.

20 November 2014: Forum views agreed in response to the Council’s draft Masterplans for Collaton St Mary and Paignton Town Centre.  Request made for further discussion to resolve concerns raised.

18 December 2014: Development proposals considered on greenfield site off Yalberton Road.  Conclusion reached that can be supported if not less than half retained for employment development.

15 January 2015: Local Plan Inspector Initial findings considered which indicate formal Modifications will be required and further statutory consultation by Torbay Council.  Forum approves Skeleton Draft 7 of the Neighbourhood Plan containing a first draft of policy wording for the ‘Adjoining Area’ that contains Clennon Valley, Clifton with Maidenway, and Preston using Community Partnership inputs received.

2-6 February 2015: Every household and business in Paignton (24,120) sent a leaflet asking for comment on the Draft Plan so far produced by the Forum (Skeleton Draft 7).

9 February 2015: Start of 6 week formal consultation by Torbay Council of proposed Modifications to the new Local Plan.

19 March 2015: Forum approves a 54 page formal response to proposed Local Plan Modifications, Community Infrastructure Levy, and Local Validation List for planning applications published for consultation by Torbay Council.

16 April 2015: Forum approves Skeleton Draft 8 of the Neighbourhood Plan and Draft 1 of a voluntary Sustainability Appraisal Framework for the consultation stage in due course.

21 May 2015: Forum approves Draft 2 of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan voluntary  Sustainability Appraisal Framework, and reviews response made by Torbay Council to the consultation results on the proposed Local Plan Modifications.

18 June 2015: Forum approves Draft 3 of the voluntary Sustainability Appraisal Framework and prepares for Replacement Modifications Torbay Council propose to make to the Local Plan.

16 July 2015: Detailed response agreed to proposed Local Plan Replacement Modifications in a 53 page submission for the Council and Local Plan Inspector to consider.

20 August 2015: Forum notes the Council’s response to all representations made on the proposed Local Plan Replacement Modifications that have been sent to the Inspector.  Forum agrees to make an application to list rare post boxes in Paignton.

17 September 2015: Forum produces a first Monitoring Report of key changes taking place in respect of Jobs, Housing, and Population.

15 October 2015: Forum approves Skeleton Draft 1 of a Compliance and Basic Conditions Statement, and a Consultation Statement, and makes first review of the Torbay Local Plan Inspector’s Report issued earlier in the day.

19 November 2015: Local Plan Inspector’s Report examined in detail.  Working draft of housing sites agreed to progress next stage assessment.  Skeleton Draft 2 of Compliance and Basic Conditions Statement approved.

17 December 2015: Working Draft 2 of Housing Sites agreed by Forum for further work to be undertaken by Forum volunteers.  Responses also agreed to Council consultations received on Traffic projects for the next 5 years; Forum support for expansion of South Devon College by Local Development Order; and 5 Access Options being considered at Collaton St Mary.

21 January 2016: Draft 1 of Appendix 4 to Compliance and Basic Conditions Statement agreed in respect of general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for further discussion with Council officers.

18 February 2016: Forum approves Draft 9 of the Skeleton Neighbourhood Development Plan updating all references to the Torbay Local Plan recently adopted, and Draft 4 of the Compliance and Basic Conditions Statement to take account of comments from the Council on Appendix 4.

17 March 2016: Forum approves strategic environmental assessment  (SEA) screening opinion consultation draft document with amendments.

05 April 2016: SEA statutory consultees requested to submit their views on the consultation draft by 11 May 2016.

21 April 2016: Forum approves Draft 1 of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Supporting Information document; formal response to a revised schedule of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) proposed by Torbay Council, and a consultation response to development proposals by Taylor Wimpey at Collaton St Mary.

19 May 2016: Views received from all 3 statutory SEA consultees, including request from Natural England for further information.  Presentation received from Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust on green infrastucture aspects.  Forum considers Council consultation received on proposed relocation of Torbay School to Parkfield, and concludes the proposed move is not supported.

16 June 2016:  Forum considers outcome of meeting with Natural England regarding SEA screening opinion consultation draft, and informal views of Torbay Council on Draft of Neighbourhood Plan polices so far produced.  Forum received finalised Torbay Local Plan published on 6 June 2016 following formal adoption on 10 December 2015.

21 July 2016:  Forum adopts Draft 10 of Neighbourhood Plan, Draft 1 of Local Green Spaces designations and Draft 5 of the Basic Conditions Statement to align with the recently finalised Local Plan.

18 August 2016: Forum adopts Draft 2 of Local Green Spaces designations, Draft 6 of Basic Conditions Statement, and response to the proposed Torbay Parking Strategy 2016-21 consultation.

15 September 2016:  Forum approves Draft 3 of Local Green Space designations assessment; Commencement of formal SA/SEA Scoping Report consultation with the 3 statutory bodies; Formal response to Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission consultation; Document cover designs for the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan; and submission of Forum concerns over Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule changes proposed by Torbay Council.

19 September 2016: SEA statutory consultees requested to submit their views on the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report by 25 Oct 2016.

20 October 2016: Forum approves draft of proposed Local Green Space designations and Housing ‘Windfalls’ Schedule for the Neighbourhood Plan Supporting Evidence Document.   Formal response made to Council proposed Planning Obligations & Affordable Housing Draft Supplementary Planning Document.  Concerns raised and confirming the wish to take part in the Examination in Public Hearing into the Community Infrastructure Levy proposal set for 9th November 2016.

17 November 2016: Forum approves Draft 5 of Local Green Space designations and Draft 1 of voluntary Sustainability Appraisal (SA) following consultation with the 3 statutory bodies.  Holding objection raised against planning application to transfer Torbay School to Parkfield site.

15 December 2016: Full set of all 6 draft Plan documents brought together and key amendments made to synchronise.  Agreed Editorial Sub-Group to complete remaining elements for Forum approval.

19 January 2017: Draft Plan document set content expanded with additional material.  Objection to variation of Devonshire Park conditions agreed for submission to Torbay Council.

16 February 2017: Full set of draft Plan documents expanded with additional information. Response to Brixham Neighbourhood Plan formal 6 week Pre-Submission Consultation agreed.

16 March 2017: Final set of draft Plan documents agreed and the adjustments required so that printing can proceed for the Pre-Submission Consultation.

16 April 2017: Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation Draft published in preparation for formal consultation period of 10am Wednesday 19 April until 5pm Wednesday 31 May 2017.

19 April 2017:  Pre-Submission Regulation 14 Consultation period commenced from 10am 19 April until 5pm 31 May 2017.

20 April 2017: Forum meeting decided to submit representations on the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan supporting the overall strategy of Plymouth growth and Thriving Towns and Villages but raising concerns about some of the policy content.  Agreed also to send views in response to the Government’s White Paper Consultation that ends on 2 May 2017.

18 May 2017: Response to “Inglewood” developer consultation discussed (Land south of White Rock).

15 June 2017: All Pre-Submission Written responses considered by the Forum and Chairman with Editorial Sub-Group authorised to make draft adjustments to the Plan where indicated for final Forum approval.

13 July 2017: Forum decides final adjustments to make to the Plan following the Regulation 14 consultation outcome, and Chairman authorised to make all necessary changes to the documents and submit formally as required by Regulation 15.

18 August 2017: Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents submitted formally to Torbay Council under Regulation 15.

24 August 2017: Forum approves Applications for renewal of Regulation 5 and 8 Designations of the Neighbouhood Area and Forum for the period post 6 December 2017.

28 September 2017: Forum endorse letter sent to Torbay Council jointly by all 3 Forum Chairs to establish timetable of progress being made on next stage procedural steps required.

26 October 2017: Forum appoints Chairman as the Paignton member of the Independent Assessor selection panel, with full authority to confirm an appointment on behalf of the Forum.

23 November 2017: Forum confirmed Reg 16 support for all three submitted Neighbourhood Plans.  Considers response to ‘Inglewood’ development proposal on land south of White Rock

07 December 2017: Torbay Council approves renewal of all 3 Area and Forum designations for a further 5 years in accordance with the Regulations.

14 December 2017: Forum approves response to Regulation 16 consultations by Torbay Council on all three Neighbourhood Plans for Torquay, Paignton and Brixham Peninsular for submission by deadline of 18 December 2017.

20 December 2017 & 17 January 2018: Joint Forum and Council Reference Group meetings held to progress examination of all 3 submitted Neighbourhood Plans.

25 January 2018: Forum considers initial sift of Regulation 16 Responses received; joint work underway on 5 year land supply update; progress made on appointment of the Independent Examiner; objection to new application for 97 dwellings north of Totnes Road at Collaton St Mary.

22 February 2018:  Forum considers response from Torbay Council meeting of question posed by all 3 Forum Chairs on requested input by elected members to joint Forum and Council officer position statement being prepared for the Independent Examiners.

22 March 2018:  Forum notes appointment of Mrs Deborah McCann as the Independent Examiner of the Paignton and Brixham Peninsular Neighbourhood Plans and Mr Nigel McGurk for the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan.

26 April 2018:  Forum notes decision by Examiner to hold an Exploratory Meeting in public at 1pm on 10 May 2018 in Paignton Library.  The participants will be the Council and the Forum.  The main focus will be how the housing need of the area will be met by a structured exploration of the issues identified based on an agenda circulated in advance.

10 May 2018:  Exploratory Meeting held in public at Paignton Library by appointed Independent Examiner Mrs Deborah McCann.

16 May 2018:  Independent Examiner confirms by letter on 16 May 2018 that subject to modifications the Neighbourhood Plan can meet the Basic Conditions and request made for  clarification on detailed matters.

31 May 2018:  Forum endorsement of clarification letter sent to Independent Examiner 22 May 2018 in response to request received 16 May 2018.  Invitation received on behalf of Bloor Homes to discuss proposals at Collaton St. Mary.

28 June 2018: Forum endorsement of response made to consultation on South Hams Special Area of Conservation proposed Supplementary Planning Document.

18 July 2018: Independent Examiner Report received recommending that subject to modifications the Neighbourhood Plan is able to proceed to Referendum.

26 July 2018: Forum receives Independent Examiners report and agrees to the Forum Chairman settling the date when the Council will respond to the Report if this needs to be longer than within the 5 week period required under the relevant Regulations and to progressing all other relevant matters to secure a mutually supported outcome.

30 August 2018: Forum receives update on progress of Council consideration of the Examiner Report and discussions regarding Policies PNP11,12, 23,27.  Park Hotel demolition and rebuild proposals considered on seafront and consultation response to send to the Council.

27 September 2018: Forum considers initial response from Council officers on adjustments necessary to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan examined by the Independent Inspector meets the requirements of the Basic Conditions.  Forum Chairman authorised to finalise the details.

01 October 2018:  Forum meeting with representatives of Bloor Homes to discuss their proposals for residential development at Collaton St Mary Paignton.  Concern raised that the proposals failed to accord with the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plan and Masterplan SPG for the area.

25 October 2018:  Forum confirms outcome of discussions with Council officers on modifications to the submitted Neighbourhood Plan after having been examined independently.

15 November 2018: Torbay Council meeting confirms all 3 Torbay Neighbourhood Plans ready to be submitted to the Referendum vote.

22 November 2018: The required Regulation 18 Decision Statement published by Torbay Council confirming the decision taken on 15 November 2018.

29 November 2018: Forum makes response to Government consultation on proposed revision of the 2018 NPPF, and proposed main modifications to the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan.

17 January 2019: Forum objections to revised Taylor Wimpey proposal at Collaton St Mary endorsed and agreed Little Blagdon Farm demolition not considered to be permitted development.

28 February 2019: Forum response made to DEFRA consultation on Protecting trees and Woodlands, and options on progressing a possible Neighbourhood Development Order for Crossways Shopping Centre area.

28 March 2019:  Forum agrees final HRA documentation for Referendum Version of Neighbourhood Plan, and response to proposals for Fernicombe Windmill, Harbour Light Restaurant and by Barratt Homes at Yannons Farm.

09 May 2019: Successful result of Referendum received and Forum Executive Committee Elections held.

13 June 2019: Forum endorsement of objection to demolition of Little Blagdon Farm and new access at Collaton St Mary.

18 July 2019: Approval of Quick Reference Guide to the Neighbourhood Plan and endorsement of objection submitted to latest Taylor Wimpey outline application at Collaton St Mary for up to 73 dwellings.

15 August 2019: Forum endorsement of Joint Forum 5 year housing land supply response and note complaint made to Parliamentary Ombudsman.