Forum Meeting

Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Forum Meeting
This is a meeting in public – all are invited and welcome to attend

Thursday  13th July 2017
Meeting 6:30pm ~ 8:30pm

Gerston Chapel Hall  (Gerston Place entrance)
Torquay Road
TQ3  3DT


 Meeting Agenda
 Item 2a – Forum Minutes 15 June 2017 (Draft)
 Item 2b – Letter re Half Moon PH Planning Application Torquay Road Paignton
 Item 2b – Letter re Inn on the Quay Planning Appn & land at Tanners Road Paignton
 Item 2b – Letter re Panorama Plot-2 Totnes Road Paignton
 Item 2d – Torbay Economic Strategy 2017-22 Conulation Draft
 Item 2d – Torbay Economic Strategy 2017-22 Evidence Base

Item 3a) Draft Submission Set:

Other Documents you may find useful for the meeting:

 Outline Project Plan [Adopted 10-Nov-11]
 Forum Constitution [Approved 24-May.12]
 Stage 3 Outline Project Plan [Adopted 18-Jul-13]
 Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide [May 2013]

How do I get involved or find out more?

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Mike Parkes (Tel: 01803 469185) or David Watts (Tel: 01803 523434)
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