Forum Meeting

Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Forum Meeting
This is a meeting in public – all are invited and welcome to attend

Thursday  18th July 2013
Meeting 6:30pm ~ 8:30pm

At South Devon College
Thompson Suite, University Centre,
Vantage Point, Long Road,
Paignton TQ4 7EJ
(01803 540 770)


College Site Plan
Meeting in Building 26. Car parking spaces at location 9


Meeting Agenda 18-Jul-2013
Item 2a – Forum Minutes 13-Jun-2013 (Draft)
Item 2a – Special Forum Minutes 05-Jul-2013 (Draft)
Item 2c – Tesco proposal at Edginswell (Draft response)
Item 2d – Local Plan Urban Landscape Protection Areas (ULPAs)
Item 2d – How the proposed Lockgate mechanism might work
Item 3a – Facts about Paignton (Draft)
Item 3b – An Outline Project Plan for Stage 3
Item 3c – PTCP’s 6wk Survey Results
Item 3c – PTCP’s 6wk Survey Results (Post It Comments)

Other Documents you may find useful for the meeting:

 Outline Project Plan [Adopted 10.Nov.11]
 Forum Constitution [Approved 24.May.12]
 Stage 3 NDP Skeleton Draft 2 [Adopted 27.Mar.13]
 Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide [May 2013]

How do I get involved or find out more?

If you would like any further information, please contact:
Mike Parkes (Tel: 01803 469185) or David Watts (Tel: 01803 523434)
or email: