What is a Neighbourhood Plan ?

The day has finally arrived.  On 2nd May 2019 registered voters in Paignton will be asked to make the decision on the Neighbourhood Plan produced by the Forum of more than 400 residents from all parts of Paignton.

Briefly, the Localism Act of 2011 gave our community the right to produce a statutory plan that sets out how the community wish to see Paignton develop to 2030.   It is a development plan produced by our community itself (not the council) and has been independently assessed by an Examiner jointly appointed by the Forum and Torbay Council.

On the same day, Neighbourhood Plans will be voted on that have been similarly produced by the adjacent communities in Torquay and Brixham.

All three Neighbourhood Plans define the areas of Local Green Space that must be protected from development because of their importance to the community served – there are 53 such designated sites across the five parts of Paignton.  The Plan also contains formal policies which support future development proposals provided they achieve sustainable development that takes properly into account the full range of economic, social and environmental needs.

The Paignton Neighbourhood Plan has four key aims our community has said it wishes to see achieved: 1) Make more of the tourism and retail offer, 2) Improve points of arrival and connection 3) Protect local identity; 4) Ensure there is balanced development – which means ensuring housing growth is matched with job growth.

More than 43,000 residents live in Paignton and some will say they know nothing about the Plan and don’t know where to find out more before voting.  The Independent Examiner held a Hearing in public on the content of the Plan and in her Report concluded the consultation process was robust, well conducted and recorded., which included leaflet information sent to every household in Paignton.  Please do take the opportunity to read the community’s Plan before you vote on 2 May.  A copy of the full Plan is available to read in Paignton Library and Churston Library or by clicking on the link below:

Support our community by voting “Yes” to the Plan on 2nd May 2019