Stage 3 Draft Plan

Please note the consultation period has expired and the following is shown for information purposes only.

What was Stage 3 ?

Stage 3 was the final stage of writing up the Draft Plan and supporting documents prior to formal submission.  How the documents were linked together is shown in the diagram below:

When completed, the final plan would be submitted to Torbay Council for formal review by an Independent Examiner.  After the examination had been completed successfully, all registered voters in Paignton would then be asked to decide in a Referendum if the Plan should be approved.  If the answer is “Yes”, it will be Adopted formally and used by the Council when making decisions on planning applications and similar proposals.

Stage 3 was therefore a very important step.

During the week of 2-6 February 2015, every household and business in Paignton was sent a leaflet asking for views on the Draft Plan so far drafted by the Forum.

The response received was then used to finalise the content of the formal consultation draft.

If you want to Join the Forum and help us to complete the Draft, please go to our page headed “How to Join”.   Details of our meetings are shown on the “Calender” page.

If you wish to see proposals included or changed in the draft, we need to hear from you.   You can send your views to: or by phone to 01803523434 or 01803469185.

Who has produced the Draft ?

The process has been undertaken by the Forum in steps. Each step has involved volunteers in our community adding more detail to each draft for Forum approval to ensure it remains faithful to the views that have been expressed by our community.  Each version has been called a Skeleton Draft, and each update has added more detail to the last update.

How has the Draft Plan evolved ?

Skeleton Draft-1 (Format as recommended by the Prince’s Foundation)
Skeleton Draft-2 (Adopted 27-Mar-13) (Stage 1 and 2 consultation results added)
 Skeleton Draft Aims & Objectives Diagram (Adopted 21-Nov-13) (For Part 5)
Skeleton Draft-3 (Adopted 19-Dec-13) (Parts 1, 4, 5, and 6 expanded)
Skeleton Draft-4 (Adopted 28-Aug-14) (Preface added, plus Part 2 expanded)
Skeleton Draft-5 (Adopted 25-Sep-14) (Parts 3 and 6 expanded)
Skeleton Draft-6 (Adopted 23-Oct-14) (Part 4 draft policies 1 to 24 added)
Skeleton Draft-7 (Adopted 15-Jan-15) (Part 4 draft policies 25-27 added)
Skeleton Draft-8 (Adopted 16-Apr-15) (Part 7 & 8 expanded and para 6.7 updated)
Skeleton Draft-9 (Adopted 18-Feb-16) (Local Plan references updated in all parts)
Skeleton Draft-10 (Adopted 21-Jul-16) (Parts 3, 7 & 8 expanded)
Draft-11 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Cover added & Annex 1 to Policy PNP1)
Draft-12 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (LGS Photos added for 2 areas)
Draft-13 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Aim & Part 7 amended)
Draft-14 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)
Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (104 pages)
Final Submission Draft (110 pages)

What is the latest on the Sustainability Assessment ?

Scoping Report Draft-1 (Adopted 16-Apr-15)
Scoping Report Draft-2 (Adopted 21-May-15) (Fig 4.1 & Parts 4-6 revised)
Scoping Report Draft-3 (Adopted 18-Jun-15) (Text updates & Part 6 revised)
Screening Opinion-Consultation Draft (Submitted 05-Apr-16) (To 3 SEA consultees)
Scoping Report-Consultation Draft (Submitted 19-Sep-16) (To 3 SEA consultees)
Scoping Report- Final (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Following 3 SEA consultation results)
Sustainability Appraisal – Draft 1 (Adopted 17-Nov-16)
Sustainability Appraisal – Draft 2 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Expanded with HRA)
SA/SEA & HRA Screening – Draft 3 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Expanded throughout)
SA/SEA & HRA Screening – Draft 4 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Part 4 rearranged)
SA/SEA & HRA Screening – Draft 5 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)
Pre-Submission Consultation Draft – Scoping Report (48 pages)
Pre-Submission Consultation Draft – SA and HRA Screening (75 pages)
Final Submission Draft – SA and HRA Screening (75 pages)

What does the Basic Conditions Statement contain ?

 Skeleton Draft-1 (Adopted 15-Oct-15)
 Skeleton Draft-2 (Adopted 19-Nov-15) (General conformity text expanded)
 Skeleton Draft-3 (Adopted Update 21-Jan-16) (Draft Appendix 4 added)
 Skeleton Draft-4 (Adopted Update 18-Feb-16) (Draft Appendix 4 revised & updated)
 Skeleton Draft-5 (Adopted Update 21-Jul-16) (Draft Appendix 4 expanded)
 Skeleton Draft-6 (Adopted Update 18-Aug-16) (Draft Appendix 4 expanded)
 Skeleton Draft-7 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Front cover updated)
 Draft-8 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Part 3 expanded)
 Draft-9 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Appendix 4 expanded)
 Draft-10 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)
Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (63 pages)
Final Submission Draft (63 pages)

What does the Consultation Statement contain ?

Skeleton Draft-1 (Adopted 15-Oct-15)
Skeleton Draft-2 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Front cover updated)
Skeleton Draft-3 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Timeline Summary schedule added)
Draft-4 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Parts 2 & 3 expanded)
Draft-5 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)
Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (31 pages)
Final Submission Draft (213 pages)

What does the Supporting Evidence document include ?

Skeleton Draft-1 (Adopted 21-Apr-16)
Draft-2 (Adopted 15-Dec-16) (Front cover updated and Part 2 expanded)
Draft-3 (Adopted 19-Jan-17) (Part 3 expanded)
Draft-4 (Adopted 16-Feb-17) (Part 2 expanded)
Draft-5 (Adopted 16-Mar-17) (For final check)
Pre-Submission Consultation Draft (185 pages)
Final Submission Draft (185 pages)

How do I join the Forum or find out more?

If you would like to be involved in the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan and have your views heard, please email
or contact:    Mike Parkes (Tel: 01803 469185)   or   David Watts (Tel: 01803 523434)
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